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The Estate of the Widow Lindsey
1778, Yohogania Co., VA

Boyd Crumrine's 1903 book,  Minute Book of the Virginia Court Held for Yohogania County, First at Augusta Town (Now Washington, PA) and Afterwards on the Andrew Heath Farm Near West Elizabeth, 1776-1790, contained transcriptions of court records for the area in southwestern Pennsylvania that is now Washington Co., but which was under Virginia jurisdiction at the time.

One of the 1778 court records in Crumrine's book showed that the estate of William Lindsay had been ordered to be inventoried.  This was a mis-transcription of the actual record, which was for a Widow Lindsey.  Below are documents that show that the actual inventory was for a Widow Lindsey, and not William Lindsey.

In the introduction to his book (which is available online), Crumrine wrote that the records had been written in a hasty manner:  "The minutes of this court, as well as those of the old Fort Dunmore court printed with an introductory sketch in Vol. I., pp. 505-568 of these Annals, are preserved in several old manuscript volumes of unruled paper, legal-cap size. The entries in these order books were evidently written hastily by the official clerks during the sessions of the court, accounting for the misspelling of many proper names and other words, and for frequent illegibility. They may have been intended to be copied out at length in the more formal records of the court proceedings ; but it is possible that, as the courts themselves as well as the Virginia territorial jurisdictions ceased to exist after the final running of the southern and western boundary lines, no other and more regular transcript of the orders was ever made, and that the records now published are the only ones in existence containing the judicial business of these ancient courts."

I think that the record concerning the Widow Lindsey was one of those that was written hastily.  The record probably said "Widdow Lindsey", but was transcribed later as William Lindsey in Crumrine's book.  Here is the August 25, 1778 record as it was presented on page 251 of Crumrine's book: "Administration of the Estate of William Lindsey decd. is granted to Michael Teggart he having complied with the Law. Ordered that Tobias Mattocks, Joseph Ross, Saml. Brice, & Thos. Bond or any three of them being first Sworn do appraise the Estate of Wm. Lindsey and make return to next Court."

The actual inventory was conducted in 1778 by two of the assigned appraisers, Samuel Brice and Joseph Ross, and returned to the court on September 27, 1779.  Even though Crumrine's book covered the time period when the inventory was returned for recording, no record of it appears in the book.  Court met on September 27, 1779 (Pg. 357), and Judge Oliver Miller, who signed the inventory, was present that day.  Evidently, the inventory was left off the court docket.  Perhaps Judge Oliver Miller was waiting for the third assigned appraiser to return to sign off on the appraisal, and the third appraiser did not make it into court.

On the left, below, is a transcription of the inventory.  On the right is an image of the inventory.  Click on the image to enlarge it.

The inventory was located on FHL microfilm #1449139, item 2:
Inventories of estates (1776-1781) and record of marks, receipts, and certificates of freedom (1789-1790), by the Washington Co., PA recorder of deeds. Widow Lindsey's estate appeared on page 38 of the microfilmed records.  Of the thirty-seven inventories that were recorded, all appeared in Crumrine's book except for Widow Lindsey's and a few that had taken place in 1781, which was after the time period covered in the book.